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If you experience problems or have questions regarding the use of zwitch please write us an email to

We will respond to your request upon verification of your identity within a reasonable period of time, and to the maximum extent practical.

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Your Support Team

Q: How to find the smartphone app?
A: Go to Apple appstore or Google Play. For iPhone search Zwitch Now For Android search Zwitch

Q: Why can I don't see any schemes to join?
A: GPS not turned on on your smartphone (enable the GPS via settings); zwich application need to be allowed to use location (enable via settings); Maybe there are no schemes in your location (enable organisations to engage for sustainable mobility)

Q: What does it mean with 'Error. No valid trip recorded.'?
A: The tracking feature is lacking validation of data. Please make sure to have enough distance; correct mode of transport; sufficient GPS and data coverage; Location Services enabled; meet time criteria and technical conditions.

Q: Administrators of a scheme, why can they not be participants?
A: An administrator is setting up and organising a campaign for more sustainable mobility by creating one or several schemes. This is done from a desktop computer with an email registration. Each scheme covers a specific geography as well as various conditions. The email that an administrator uses during registration can not be used for smartphone login as a participant. Participants participate via app on smartphone and register via email or Facebook login.

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