About zwitch:
zwitch allows cities and organisations to promote campaigns or services that motivate citizens to use smarter modes of transport for their daily trips.
And it is that easy:
Cities or organisation register and create an "incentive scheme", for example "For every 10km you use an eBike, you receive 10 incentive points".
By publishing the scheme, citizens can use the zwitch app on iOS or Android to document trips with the supported mode of transport. The app tracks the mode of transport used and the actual distance and counts incentive points based on the underlying incentive scheme.

For citizens:
Just go to the iTunes App Store or the Goolge Play Store and download the zwitch app. Usage is free for citizens.
Register and find promoted campaigns or services nearby in your city.
RIght before you make a trip open a scheme and click start. zwitch will then automatically track your trip and calculate incentive points. You don't even need to stop the trip since zwitch recognizes once you stop or change modes of transport.
Once you have collected points simply approach the issuing city or organisation and redeem you points. Cities and organisations may just ask you to participate for the good cause. But in most cases you will be rewarded by valuable incentives such as discounts or other rewards.

For cities and organisations:
For each incentive scheme you set up zwitch will show you the users as well as their trips and their points collected. You can then deduct points per single user or per bulk action once users wish to redeem their points.
The services described are zwitch basic services and can be used for free for testing purposes for up to 50 users.
To use the services above in a professional way with agreed service levels please contact us for a tailored proposal at support@zwitch.eu

Who is behind zwitch?
zwitch has been funded by the EU project EMPOWER and is being provided by the technical partners Pocketweb GmbH from Berlin/Germany and mobidot B.V. from Enschede/Netherlands.